A weekend in Canada!!

4:07 PM

It's been 5 months since my oldest left to follow her dreams and further her skills in the dressage arena. Brian and I headed North with just Hannah Grace for a 3 day visit and what a great time we all had!

That first hug after 5 long months felt so good for this Momma! It has really been an adjustment for me to get used to her being gone! Tthe only thing that kept me happy was knowing how happy she is and what a great place she is in with such amazing people surrounding her! We are all truly blessed!

We were able to watch her ride one of the horses she is helping to train. And then we were treated to a great cart ride by Bandit the pony. Hannah Grace also was able to ride Bandit with the help of Emily and she did not want that to ever end!

Emily made us a great dinner and we hung out spinning on our drop spindles a little and talking about knitting!

We spent another day in Toronto yarn store hopping! My wonderful hubby escorted us around town as we checked out all the great shops......we went to 3 in all and yes we did make a few purchases!! Such a great day!

The 3 days went by way too fast and then we were leaving again......hoping she can come home at Christmas for a visit!

Here are just a few photos of our visit........

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  1. You all look so happy! Glad you saw your daughter and went yarn shopping- hopefully you can make it until the next time you see her, I know exactly how you feel!!

  2. My niece is into horses and I can totally see her going off and doing something like that. What a great opportunity for her! I know you must miss her, but it's a good thing for her. Ugh - it's so hard to let them go!


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