Rhinebeck 2013

7:43 AM

Well I know it's yarn along today and what better way to celebrate then to share about my trip to Rhinebeck! It was my first year and so it was a little over whelming you might say!!

We arrived early and got right in the gates when they opened...the line behind us went on forever! I did have a must have list of a few items but I really just wanted to look around and take it all in. The weather was great and perfect for sweaters.....which we saw a lot of!!! I was lucky to have 2 of my girls with me......here I am with Hannah Grace in our handknits and some homepun too!!

It got crazy crowded fast! But we just let the crowds take us as we took it all in! The sheep breeds tent was so fun....we loved touching all the fleece! Here are just a few of them....

and the aisles and aisles of yarn and fiber..........

The one item I really wanted to get my hands on was a Trindle.......and I got one and I love it! You can buy them on Etsy too but I really wanted to see it first. I also picked up lots of different fiber to make rolags on my blending board. Here is my loot!!

I told my daughter to keep me in line and remind me how I don't need any more yarn right now.......but how could I come away without even one skein?? So I ended up with one skein of Socks That Rock that I could not pass up!

Oh and here is a photo of the Ravely meet up......there was sooo many people!!!

What a great day and I am already looking forward to next year!!

I actually was inspired and casted on for a new project this week! I have been spinning this gorgeous 100% merino and decided it wanted to become and Idlewood sweater. So even before I have finished spinning all the fiber I have started knitting this......next week I will have pictures but this is the homespun I am using for it....it is knitting up so soft and squishy!

I started listening to "The Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins narrated by Roger Rees, Rosalyn Landor, John Lee, Judy Geeson. It was recommended on the yarn along last week and I am really enjoying it! If you like Downton Abby you will like this!! Joining Ginny for the Yarn along........Happy Knitting!!

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  1. what fun! And I love your adopted fiber and yarn, you know someone has to love it ;) Looks like a great day and a year will fly by once again quickly.

  2. We got there around 9:30 and it got crowded within the hour. I almost got a trindle. I think I will end up buying one online. You got some great stuff!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! I'm knitting with fiber festival yarn right now and it's so fun to knit and remember the day we spent with the fiber and animals!

  4. I am listening to this book too. Last night I didn't want to turn it off, but I was so tired. You got wonderful things at Rhinebeck. I was there on Sunday. I can't wait to see what you make from all your fiber.

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Great buys at the festival. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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