Yarn along.....tying up loose threads

7:08 AM

I have been knitting like crazy this week! Finishing up some projects and taking lots of photos! Hannah Grace turned 3 last week and I did a whole post on her birthday sweater.....I love how it turned out! You can see that here.

 I also finished a cute baby sweater for my daughters friend....it's Oatmeal which knit up very fast and is oh so sweet! The buttons were a great find as the parents are doggie lovers!

 I also finally got photos of "Merry"......she is getting lots of love and hugs from Hannah Grace who just adores her. She is the perfect size to hold and take places and the clothes are so cute. I can see lot's of leftovers being used to whip up more clothes!

I've also been playing with my Birthday present that just arrived ......it's a supported spindle made by Malcolm Fielding. It's so beautiful to look at and to spin! I am teaching myself with videos on you tube since I am new to support spindling! Gotta love you tube!

I also picked up the book Adventures in Yarn Farming.......everyone has been talking about it and although we do not have "sheep "yet" I like to think at some point that could happen.....so I am looking forward to opening this book and learning!

One of my goals for this year was to learn to do stranded knitting and colorwork and so when I saw this hat I knew it was perfect for a gift for a special someone. Not sure if it is a good idea to use a new technique while making a gift but we will see! So far so good.......but it is addictive once you get into those charts......I did not want to put it down last night!

Joining Ginny today and I can't wait to see what everyone is up to!!

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  1. happy birthday, I love the doll and clothes and that adorable suitcase. What a treasure!! You have been a busy knitting bee, probably due to all the insideness we've been experiencing!

  2. That sweater is SO cute!

  3. You've made some lovely projects :)

  4. Thinking fondly about knitting in another month or so, when I have time again. Love this little purple gem!
    What a great doll and the clothes are sweeter than sweet. Had to go back and see the whole birthday sweater post. I can't find a library Yarn Farming, so I'm thinking I'll invest in one. Do tell us if you like it.


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