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I'm going to jump in here for a second since it's been a while since I had the time to post for Yarn along. I think about it every Wednesday and I get on at night and visit lot's of others posts but my schedule has been so crazy that I have had no time to join in......sooo I'm making a little time today to share what's been on my needles!!

I got lot's of uninterrupted knitting time this past weekend as we ventured north and over the border to pick up my daughter from Canada. I think I mentioned it last year in June when she left for a year long internship position at a Dressage Barn. She had been working hard and truly loving it there and is only home for the month of April before they want her back for show season.  She is training and working some amazing horses and meeting lots of great people so the experience has been great! But this Momma is so happy to have her oldest girl home again!

The best has been our nightly knitting and talking sessions! Yes my oldest has been knitting longer then me and is usually knitting lace work that is intricate and beautiful!

Well on this trip I was able to start and finish my first pair of homespun socks!!! When I finished spinning this 3 ply I just heard it crying out to be made into socks. So I Cast on Friday night and Sunday night they were all done! I love them and they fit perfectly! My daughter named them "Border Crossing Socks". I just did a simple toe up stockinette sock with a sweet tomato heel. These are going to get a lot lot wear! And now I am digging through the fiber stash to spin for more socks.....they are a lot of fun!!! Ravelry notes


 I also finished up a pair of socks for hubby that were on the needles. So it looks like I need to cast on for more socks! Ravelry notes

I am trying to work on finishing up my sweater this week and I need to get a sweater done for Hannah Grace for Easter. I also have a cowl blocking right now that I forgot to get any photos of......so hopefully I can share that next week!! I have been reading Stephanie Pearl McPhee's new book The Amazing thing about the way it goes.......such a great easy read! I have really been enjoying it!! Well happy knitting everyone...can't wait to see what's on your needles this week!!! Joining Ginny over here

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  1. oh my the socks are beautiful and from handspun no less!!! Fantastic! Love your husband's socks as well :) You have to think of yarn along on tuesday then you will be here for wednesday :)

  2. I love handknitted socks but ones knitted from handspun are extra awesome :) Fab work

  3. Glad to hear your daughter is enjoying adventure! I remember when you blogged about her leaving. Your hand spun socks are simply gorgeous! Great job on the spinning AND the socks.

  4. Your socks are beautiful. Your handspun yarn is quite pretty. Enjoy having your daughter home for April. I see my only daughter less than once a month and I really miss our face to face time.

  5. Your post makes me miss my mom! I also have been knitting longer than her but her passion for knitting is probably even further developed than mine - or at least her capability to knit is greater in her stage of life than mine! Your socks are beautiful!

  6. What wonderful socks! I made two pair. One is mine and one I got a little anxious and they were short for my toes - but just right for my mom. And I asked her this fall if she ever wore those socks and she said every time they are washed they are her first choice. Took a class and not sure I truly understand them, so that makes them a bit harder to jump into. What's your favorite method/instruction/style?? And I got my mom that book for her birthday and I still haven't given it..need to tuck in some great yarn..


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