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I have been knitting in a place I never want to be again.......at the bed side of my 19 year old nephew on life support because he went into cardiac arrest on  April 4th.  I am here to tell you that our God still does amazing and miraculous things and that He hears our prayers and loves us so much. We journeyed from planning for a funeral to today 3 weeks later where a boy that they said would not make it is walking and talking and making plans to get on with his life. God is so good and I am still kind of in shock over the whole experience.

It was so good to have my knitting and something to do all those long hours we sat with my brother waiting. Knitting is so soothing to mind and body......I am so thankful I threw a few projects in my carry on before we jumped on that plane.

I was able to knit a whole sock on the flight out and then I jumped into this tunic for Hannah Grace for Easter. I am in love with this tunic......so simple and so cute! I finished it the day before Easter...nothing like cutting it close! Ravelry notes

I was one happy Momma for Easter as I had everyone home for the day! Emily has been home from Canada for the month and Elaina came home to spend the day with us! We all went to church together and then spent the rest of the day eating......having an egg hunt and just enjoying the beautiful spring day. I am feeling so blessed! Here is a shot of my whole crew.... together!!

This past week I did manage to finish spinning up a skein I was working on. It's from Three Waters Farm a new to me shop. What an amazing spin such gorgeous fiber and colors! This is the Crooked Parameters colorway.

No new books right now.....I need to finish up the couple I have going before I even think about starting another! Just glad to be back home and looking forward to a slower pace for the month of May. The experience with my nephew really reminded me that life is short and we never know what can happen so live each day to the fullest and love others well.......and one more thing.....God is in control...yes that I learned very well!

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  1. I am so happy to read that your nephew has recovered fully. I can only imagine what you and his mother and family went through. Prayers answered are a sign of God's grace :) Lovely sweater and a beautiful photo of you and your sweet family!

  2. whew, that must of been a difficult time! So glad that God was so strongly with you and you were able to be present to this! what a lovely knit also! God bless and keep you all!

  3. God certainly works in mysterious ways, so happy to read that your nephew is on the mend. The tunic was beautiful as is all your lovely family. God bless.

  4. God is good! Praying for your nephew as he recovers. Your tunic and your little model are beautiful! :)

  5. Praise God - He is good! I'll pray for your nephew on his road to recovery. What a beautiful family you have. You are very blessed. And I think I want one of those tunics for myself! Beautiful spinning (Three Waters is great isn't it?).

  6. I'm glad to read your story - so much love and hope radiates from it. And the tunic is just stunning!

  7. So thankful for a gracious God! Your knitting is lovely and so is that yarn!

  8. What a wonderful post!

    So good to hear of your nephew's recovery.

    The tunic is lovely (as is the little one wearing it!)

    And such beautiful colours in your wool!

  9. So glad to hear of your nephew's recovery. Your spinning is beautiful and so is the tunic.


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