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Let's talk socks! Does anyone else have a love hate relationship with sock knitting? Am I the only one that is such a loose knitter in the round that most patterns come out too big for me? I can't be the only one can I? I finally figured out that I always need to just knit the smallest size......but why can't I remember that? Sock gauge is crazy stuff! I have ripped out many a sock because what was supposed to fit a woman's medium foot looks like it would fit a dinosaur foot! So I am writing this today to help me to remember that whatever the pattern might say.......just knit the small! All that being said I do love hand knitted socks and my newest cast on (since I took my own advice) is coming along quite well! It's Smokestack and I picked up the yarn last year at the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival. It's squishy and soft and I really like how the colors are coming together.

I also cast on this week for Andee's Penny Infinity Scarf. And I guess I really am a lose knitter because I ran out of yarn......wait for it.........5 rows from the end. Insert loud sigh here. So I am waiting for another skein to arrive. I used her modifications for just one skein of mad tosh lite and even went down a needle size to get gauge but still came up 5 rows short. And no I am not ripping is a lovely knit and I really enjoyed it so I will wait patiently for the other skein to arrive and finish it the right way........I think it's going to be beautiful and something I wear quite often.

I did some spinning this week as well and you can check out what is on my wheel in a post I did earlier this week here. I am on my second bobbin and can't wait to get it plyed and bathed.....such fun!

This week is a busy one as Emily gets ready to head back to Canada for another 6 months. I have really enjoyed having her home this past month. All us girls headed out to Trader Joes yesterday for a fun afternoon of shopping. Having all my girls with me is getting rarer and rarer and so I do treasure those times.

It seems like spring is finally arriving in our area and there are buds on the trees and the grass is getting green. I was beginning to think winter would never leave! I'm looking forward to taking the knitting outside as the kids play and soak up some sun! Joining Ginny today over at Small Things for the weekly yarn along.

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  1. you need a knitting notebook to write down your musts then you will never ever forget the size or needles! I am lucky, I knit just right and socks on size 2 needles usually fit me (64 stitches). Hope your daughter has safe travels!

  2. I'm normally ok with gauge but for some reason when I knit socks I need to use teeny 2.0mm needles with 64 stitches and then it works out ok. I've started picking the size on a pattern which has the same number of stitches. I may come unstuck with this at some point!

  3. I love your beautiful infinity scarf. I am fairly new to knitting and so far have had now problem with gauge so I can't comment on your sock knitting. I have never knit socks....a little daunting.


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