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6:55 AM

I hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day. I was able to get in some knitting and spinning time and finished up this lovely merino and silk fiber..........Dark Sweet Cherries from Three Waters Farm

And then I began pulling apart another braid that I go to use with it. Scottish Landscape.. I broke the braid into 2 color groupings and will spin them separately. Now I am on the look out for a sweater I can knit up for my littlest girl with the main color being the cherries and stripes of the other 2 color groupings. I think it will make a very cute sweater! I am spinning about a fingering weight......so any ideas on sweater patterns? Please share!

 We drove to Canada to drop Emily off on Saturday. And my car knitting yielded this very funky sock! I love it and will probably gift it to one of my girls who love wearing such colors! When I was in Texas I was able to go to Mad Tosh Yarn Shop and of course they are a store devoted to all things Tosh! That is where I found this colorway, Mansfield's Garden Party. I thought it was different and not something I would normally buy but it made me smile at a time when life was stressful so it came home with me! I'm so glad it did because it is a lot of fun to knit with! One sock is done and I just cast on the other. I used the fish lips kiss heel for the first time and I think I really like the fit of it. Ravelry notes

On Monday I resolved to get back to exercising and headed out for my first run in months. It felt so good to get moving again! My body is protesting but I am determined to get back into the habit of my early morning runs......which are really more like jogs and sometimes fast walks.......but as long as I'm moving I figure it's good! Loki my little dog is loving it too. He has no problem doing 3 miles with me and I like the company! Some days Hannah Grace joins me as well and she loves running with Loki!

I'm joining Ginny today in the Yarn Along and looking forward to seeing what is on everyone's needles! Happy Knitting!!!

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  1. I didn't know you ran. I am walking twice a day if possible and doing yoga every morning. I love the schedule when it permits. Now that my son is home it's a tad bit challenging to squeeze that yoga in. Love the sweater yarn-in threes? cardigan?? the socks are pretty!!

  2. The yarn is a dream and I love those socks.

  3. sorry for the stress but great that you are doing things about it! very cute socks!!

  4. I love your handspun, what glorious colours!

  5. Your yarn colours are beautiful. I am really impressed you can knit while sitting in the car. I am assuming you aren't driving :)
    Ali xx


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