round one is done.....coming out of the fog

7:22 AM

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." ~ Exodus 14:14
I woke up Wednesday first round of chemo starting in just hours to find this first up on my FB wall. And so that became my verse over the course of the past days as I struggled through. Cause all I really could do was be hit me pretty hard.

Weds. treatment went ok with only a minimal allergic reaction and I went home feeling groggy but ok. Thursday I actually was able to knit my way trough the whole treatment and I was told it would be an easy day but that the days to come would be uncertain and side effects could range from severe to mild. Well my side effects started the moment I got in the car to head home....intense nausea and pain that I can not even describe. I took nausea meds as soon as we got home but they did not touch it all night and Friday morning found me back at the doctors for fluids and an IV of nausea meds.I slept the morning away there. Poor Brian I think he was worse then worried. I was able to get my shot which was the last part of my first round and we headed home feeling horrible. I barely lifted my head all weekend of the pillow. Waves of nausea and pain that came and went all over my body....I took every med they sent home with hero here. One put me to sleep for a few hours and that was my favorite.

Monday I actually sat on the couch for a while while my Mom and friend visited. They brought so much food from friends that my freezer is filled to overflowing and I am humbled that my family is being blessed and taken care of when I can't do it. God's people are truly amazing.....really.

Sleep is a problem .....I take a nice long Epsom salt bath with lavender at night and then get about 4 hours but then I lay there.....achy and uncomfortable but no sleep will come. So here I am early Tuesday morning sitting on the couch......feeling ok enough to post which is saying a lot.

One of the worse things is just not being able to do anything.....not even knit. My fibery friends will least if I could knit I would keep my mind busy.......but I just don't have the focus.

early morning snuggles from my littles

I lay here an listen to my audio bible and let God's word wash over me. I won't lie to you I wanted to curl up and die several times this past weekend and I was mad that God would allow this to be my path......I was screaming I am just not strong enough. I should be pumpkin picking with my kids and teaching math lessons and baking apple crisp and laughing with my family.....not this. But yesterday morning Hannah Grace came into my room and climbed into my bed and told me Jesus had sent her to take care of me and make me feel better.....and then I knew I would fight and the enemy will not win! I have babies to kiss and love and a life that God has called me to live and He is fighting for me so I know all will be right when this is over. His plan not mine.....but that is what I signed up for.

The kids have really stepped up they run the house better then me. And Brian is even getting up and making me my green smoothies every morning......I need to snap a photo of that. We have 5:00 am green smoothies every morning now. He knows all about the goat's milk kefir and the greens plus blend and all the things he tries to stay pretty far from! Love him so much and am so blessed he is mine.

I will tell you I am worried about how Brian will get me back in that infusion room in two weeks......the thought just makes me sick. But I will just take it one day at a time. Tomorrow is blood work day and then no doctors visits unless something is wrong. So 2 weeks of recovery.  But for today I will sit back and let God do His thing........and maybe just maybe I'll be able to knit a few rows.....just maybe.

Resting in Him........Alisa

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  1. dearest alisa, I am praying for you and my god be at your side always. Focus on you and ask for help during this treatment!!

  2. Sending prayers of wisdom and grace for you, your family and care givers.

  3. Hello...remember getting eggs from "Glenn" at RSR? Well, I am his wife, Amanda. I have been praying for you. Glenn is very concerned too for your husband and family. Praise God that our men work for a great company! But most of all, we sure an amazing God! I pray for you. I hurt for you. I know you live near my son and his wife. If ever you need help traveling, picking up kids, food, etc., we are available to you. God's people are EVERYWHERE and even strangers are on their knees for you. If you want to email me, my email address is I have a few wonderful booklets that I would like to email you. I enjoyed them. God Bless you!

  4. Prayers with you. I am so glad you have God through this x

  5. I just found you your lovely space. My prayers are with you Alisa. He is fighting for you and holding you close as you walk through this trial.

    You are not alone.

  6. punch to the left, punch to the right...come on Alisa give it all your might!


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