Yarn Along and the joy of knitting one row!

7:53 AM

There has been knitting! I am happy to say there has been knitting! One row here and one row there but I am slowly gaining back my momentum and making progress. I can't remember a time when I could not knit and I must say it stinks! My first treatment really through me for a loop and for two weeks all I could do was look at my knitting. My focus was gone and so was my strength. (the story of my cancer here and here) But I slowly started to knit a stitch here and then a row here. It's not a lie knitting is pure joy for my brain. I might not be able to get off the couch but if I am knitting I feel productive and I am thinking about something other then how miserable my body feels.  Kniting is the best therapy.

So I finished these beautiful socks......a Christmas present! I just did toe up 2 at a time and I used the OMG heel. I love this heel! so easy and the fit is perfect!! I used a lace stitch pattern and I am really happy with the outcome! (grey day today so sorry for the not so great photos)

I cast on for another pair of socks right away! These are socks on a plane and another Christmas present. They are  flying along!

I am also working on the Mont-Royal Hat in yarn that I picked up at Rhinebeck this year. I will be needing lots of hat options as I am already losing my hair. This is a fun pattern with just enough challenge to keep me going.

I am still listening to the second book in the Outlander series. Only a few chapters to go! And I have been reading Beside still Waters by CH Spurgeon it is such encouragement to my spirit.

I am excited for the upcoming weekend as Hubby and I will be heading to Canada to pick up our oldest daughter. Her internship is over and she is coming home at the perfect time to help us here as I continue treatment. I was worried about being able to go but my white blood cells are back up and I was given the clearance to travel.

There is another reason I am excited! I will be going to the Raimer's Spinning Wheel Workshop on Sunday to bring home the wheel I bought in September. I can not wait to meet them and put my hands on my wheel!

And then next Weds.Thurs. and Fri. will find me back at the cancer center for my second round of treatment. I can not even think about it. So I am going to knit on the couch and cuddle my kids and let God handle the rest.

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  1. How did I miss this? I had no idea you were going through treatment right now. You are all in my prayers and I hope you can feel my huge hugs through the internet!! Knitting really is good therapy. And I would be super excited about that wheel too!

  2. You sound happy and good!! Glad you get your first baby and a trip and a workshop (life is good). Have a safe trip and don't over do it, rest when you need to and all that motherly advice.

  3. Some beautiful projects there, I love your lacey socks. Knitting is good for the soul :)

  4. Lord have mercy! One of my best friends is battling brain cancer, and I don't know how you all do it. She, like you, is trusting in God. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  5. Oh, you have been busy! I am glad, so so very glad, for you x


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