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7:20 AM

The warmer weather was here......and now it's gone hiding. the past few days have been cold and rainy, the temp is only 48 degrees as I sit to write this morning. It is June right?

Life got busy again and I have missed the last 2 weeks. My Mom has been very ill and has been living with us for the past 2 months. Lot's of adjustments to life here and plans for what will happen in the future are all going on. After 6 months of myself being so ill it feels like life will never be normal again. I guess we are trying to get used to the new normal.

The kids have all been so busy and most of it related to animals of some kind. We have a new kitten that Elaina brought home and the chickens are all getting so big. Emily is off in Canada riding for the month of June. Elaina has been taking Hannah Grace to ride on her horse Cash. I love seeing her pass on her passion to her younger sister! Hannah Grace loves watching her sister ride and especially jump. She keeps telling me that she will be jumping horses soon.....hmmm....we will see about that!

Between my Moms hospital stays and doctor visits I have been getting some knitting done. I finished the sock blank socks. These were fun and I will be knitting more in the future.

I also cast on for a Hitofude. Finally! I have been wanting to do this ever since Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise knit hers. What an enjoyable knit and pretty fast too! I only have 2 more charts on the body to finish. This one will be a gift but I know I want to make one for myself as well! Such a clever construction!

There has been spinning and I am still washing fleece. I did a post the other day on how I am processing my fleece if you are interested in that you can find it here I will be doing another post this week on hand combing. I am really enjoying my hand combs and love the way it makes fluffy clouds out of the fiber.

Junes glow colorway on BFL handspun

I also brought home a new fiber toy this week. It is my son Christopher's fault....yes we will blame it all on him.  He has been weaving on a small wooden loom and really enjoying it. While at Maryland Sheep and Wool he was able to sit at a floor loom and actually weave on it. He got up and told me he really wanted a floor loom. I smiled and thought ok maybe sometime in the way future.....where in the world would I put that!!  I love that my 11 year old son has a passion for fiber like I do! He has been my tag along at every fiber festival this year! I told this story to a dear friend who proceeded to tell me she had a floor loom she needed to find a home for. And so this past week we brought home our new addition. (and it was amazing how easily it found a spot in our family room!) So we are now learning all about weaving and are hoping to be warping next week! Do you weave? If you have any great tips or articles or videos to help us I would love for you to share! We signed up for a Craftsy class on weaving and I know a few of my spinning guild members are amazing weavers and we can get help from them if we need it.

Nilus Leclerc loom

I have not been reading a lot lately but the kids and I are planning our summer read alouds. One we will start with is Swallows and Amazons. We read this series when my oldest were young and fell in love with it. I am looking forward to sharing it with our younger ones now.

Joining Ginny for todays Yarn Along! Happy knitting everyone!!

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  1. you are always in my daily morning prayers, but I'll add your mom. I hope all goes well with you and your family! You are going to LOVE hitofude and knit another, promise. I loved seeing your photos and life around here has been a bit busy as well. We have the wedding in July and my son has been home for two weeks for a visit.

  2. The yarn you've spun is just beautiful! And how amazing that you were given the floor loom; that was a prayer answered before it even became a prayer! God is so good! :) Blessings and perseverance as you adjust to the new challenges in your life and I hope your mother will be feeling better soon.

  3. Woohoo! Look at that loom. Congrats on the new fiber addition. Your spinning is just gorgeous. You are all in my prayers. And yes, a new normal is not always easy to find.....

  4. Your loom is wonderful; and what a blessing that your son loves to work with fibre too. So does my six year old - he loves to garden and knit with me. I hope he doesn't outgrow it!
    I will be praying for you and your mum, that your mum has better health and that you can all get into a rhythm together. All the best.

  5. What an amazing loom and wonderful that you have passed on your passion for fibre.

  6. I can't decide where to start, I have so much to say about this post! Ha! Prayers for your mother and your family in having her stay with you. Your socks are beautiful but that Hitofude! I have also longed to make one for quite soe time but haven't worked out how to afford the yarn for an adult sweater :) I think I will probably see if I can find a sweater at the thrift store to deconstruct unless some money designated for yarn appears somewhere - not likely! Hehe

    Your loom is amazing, what a treasure!

  7. Wow - you have been so busy! Those socks look fabulous. I miss horse riding very much.

  8. Hope things improve for your Mum.

    Love the socks you've made :) Have fun with your new toy!

  9. Thinking of you and your mum - hope she gets better soon.
    The socks are splendid and Hitofude looks gorgeous - I hope to start one myself soon!


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