Dusitng off this space!

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Hello friends! This place has gotten a little dusty over the past year. After battling cancer and being given a clean bill of health in the spring I jumped off the couch and started living again and it has been one adventure after another every since.

I stepped away from here with every intention of coming back, it just took a little longer then I expected. I have missed keeping track of my current projects and my kids antics and so here I am again......no looking back just moving forward! I can not wait to catch up on what everyone is doing!

I hope everyone had a truly blessed Christmas. We ended up with a horrible upper respiratory thing that started on Christmas Eve and is still lingering. So Christmas was a little quieter then usual but that was fine. Lots of game playing and couch cuddling that is still continuing today. And knitting did I mention there was some knitting?

 I have been going through a period where I am not enjoying much of what is on my needles. I have lots of socks that need heels and a shawl this is almost complete. Is anyone else feeling blah about their knitting? I chose to ignore my WIP basket this weekend and picked up my Shakleton Project. IF you would like to read about this Epic adventure you can finds out more here. Sarah from Fibertrek TV is the vision behind this project. I am knitting a fair isle vest that requires steeking......that is going to be my epic adventure. Having never steeked before I am excited to learn this new technique. So I managed to get all of the body knit and I have just separated for the arm holes and am starting the colorwork. I am getting excited about my knitting again!

I did get a spin in before we all got sick. The braid from Threewatersfarm was of polwarth and silk and was a really lovely spin. The color was perfect for the week of Christmas and I am calling it Shiny and Bright!!

There has been some weaving. We somehow ended up with 2 riggid heddle looms....yes 2. Christopher is weaving right alongside me. These are so much easier to warp then the floor loom and portable as well. I have some cotton for kitchen towels on my loom and Chris is making his Dad a scarf.

I have been thinking about my crafting goals for 2016. Thinking is about as far as I have gotten. I need to make some decisions about those projects lingering in the WIP basket and I am thinking about jumping into some SAL/ KAL's to get me excited about my knitting again. Being in community is always more fun then going it alone!

I do want to share one of my most favorite knits from this year. I just got my Josephine Shawl back from my LYS where it has been on display. You can see all my project notes here. I love this shawl and am glad to have it back so I can wear it!

So hoping your New Year is blessed and filled with fibery delights! I'm excited to see what the 2016 will bring!!

Joining Ginny over at Smallthings for the Yarn Along

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  1. so glad you are back to the blog :) Looks like you had great year and 2016 is going to be better than ever! Happy new year's day. Love your shawl :)

  2. Great projects! Glad you're back!

  3. Welcome back! Such a gorgeous shawl! Happy New Year!

  4. I was happy to see you pop back up on the yarn along linkup! Love all your projects and I am becoming more and more convinced I could REALLY get into weaving. One day! Too much else to do right now. Gorgeous projects and I hope you all are feeling 100% better soon.

  5. So glad you are back to blogging. Your weaving is very pretty as is that beautiful red yarn. Happy New Year!

  6. Hope you are feeling 100% very soon and that you regain your knitting mojo! I'm sure the KAL's will do the trick.

  7. Welcome back! Thankful for your recovery! Beautiful yarn!

  8. Welcome back :) although it's my first time here ;) love the beautiful fluff and all that Grace! Blessings!!

  9. Hello! Love the spinning and weaving, and glad you're back!


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