Finding our rhythm

8:30 AM

This week we are falling into our winter rhythm.

Once we hit Thanksgiving there is no way to have a rhythm around here. Hunting takes up the majority of the boys time and they are gone for days at a time staying at the cabin and trying to fill the freezer. I love that they get this time with their Dad and also Uncle and cousins and close friends. They come home with stories and secrets and I can only hope it continues as they get older and spread their wings.

Then we hit Christmas and that has a rhythm all it's own! But now here we are in the New Year and this mama is trying to reel everyone in.......collect our thoughts and add a little structure to the chaos!! We slipped in some book learning this week and the colder weather has us all pulled up to the woodstove and settling in to this winter rhythm. We are currently reading Lost on a Mountain in Maine. By Donna Fendler and Joseph Egan. We are only a chapter in but it's a true story of a boy lost on a mountain in Maine.....a great boys book!! The perfect winter read aloud!

I am still trying to organize some stash and a trip to ikea this week should help that process along! On my needles this week was a test knit that I can not show yet. A fast and satisfying knit and perfect for handspun!! I also got a few rows done on some socks! I decided to jump into the Never not knitting mystery KAL going anyone else joining in? I love Alana Dakos patterns and so this big worsted weight shawl should be a great knit! I chose some plymouth yarn homestead in the Burnt Orange colorway. I'm a little behind and need to get these wound into cakes so I can cast on today and get clue one done!

We had our spinning guild meeting this past week and I was able to get started on this months club colorway from Three Waters Farm. It is Birds in the Holly on Rambouliett. It was the first time I have spun this breed and I really enjoyed it. The fiber has a very long staple length. I decided to keep the colors pure so I navajo plyed my single.

I was able to spin and clear off a couple more bobbins of singles that were waiting for plying. It felt good to empty those bobbins so I can prepare for my next spin!!

I have just a little more weaving to do before my first dish towels can come off the loom! I'm very excited to see how these look after washing. I am already trying to decide what the next weaving project will be!

Joining Ginny this week for the Yarn Along. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are all up to this week!!

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  1. I'm jealous of your spinning....thats a dream of mine someday :) Lovely yarn!

  2. I love your spinning! And you are weaving too - what a lucky lady you are! we are still trying to find a new rhythm around here as well. But with two sick Girls at home things will stay a bit off for a couple of more days. I don't really mind. I like slow starts ;-)

  3. I love my IKEA storage drawers, perfect for all the yarn! Speaking of... I love the colours of yours :)

  4. This is a great color of yarn. And I knew what you mean by settling in to your routine. There is a bit of contentment in the winter by the fire. I like the spinning. Have never tried it but someday maybe.

  5. I love Ikea :) January is a good month of starting lots of projects and letting go of socializing for the holidays for us. Love your yarns :)


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