Hello 2016

7:47 AM

I've been taking this week to go over last years crafting and start thinking about this years. I don't want to call them goals.......no .......more like ideas and thoughts. No pressure and that means no failing.
I'm making some decisions about WIP's and already frogged a couple. It was actually very freeing and now I only have things I love on the needles......and that means things I want to to finish!

This week I have my first FO of 2016!! It was so fun to knit this and I used handspun that was spun this past July! Hannah Grace has been stealing my cowls so it was time for her to have her own. If you want to find a lot of lovely patterns that work really well with handspun check out Stitchnerd aka Susan Ashcroft patterns on Ravlery. Her patterns are very versatile and have lots of interesting texture. Three Waters Farm is having a SAL/KAL right now and she is our chosen designer.

 Can you tell she loves her new cowl!!

I did get some spinning  on my CPW this week. The cold weather has really finally hit and I found my happy spot right here in front of the woodstove. I decided to spin a braid that I picked up at NE fiber festival. It's Spunky Eclectic and her panda base. I broke this into two equal pieces and navajo plyed each. I was thinking it would be sock yarn but now that it is spun I'm leaning more towards mittens. It was a great spin!

 We are almost ready for another harvest of Angora from our newer bunnies! We have 7 in our rabbitry now. 2 German Angora, 3 Satin Angoras, 2 English Angoras and then a dwarf dutch. This is a photo of Asch. He is about 6 months old now and just about ready for a plucking! You will be seeing lots more angora fiber spinning in the future!

 I will leave you with one more photo from our small homestead........this girl loves her chickens!!

I have a list of books I want to get to and I am hoping I can start this week. We did commit as a family in going through the bible in a year. I have been listening to Daily Audio Bible for 2 years now and really enjoy it. So I challenged everyone else to join me and so far we are all keeping up!

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for the weekly Yarn Along! Happy knitting!!

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  1. beautiful cowl and I love your wee little model, so sweet and precious :)

  2. Your cowl looks lovely. Spinning in front of the wood stove is one of my favorite things to do. I have two Panda braids from Spunky that I need to spin. She has such nice fiber.

  3. What a great cowl! :) Haha she seems to be having a lot of fun with it :)

  4. A lovely cowl on a beautiful little girl :-)

  5. Gorgeous cowl, and of course lovely little model you have too!


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