Word of the Year.......FOCUS

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Wow! I took alot more time off from blogging then I thought I would....my hard drive crashed!! But all is well now and I do have some things I've been wanting to post about!
The New Year is upon us and with it comes thoughts of what I want to accomplish this year. I've been taking inventory I guess and praying about what God would have me be about this year. I have picked a word to guide me as I begin this new year. If you check out Ali's blog you will see lots of people picking words to guide them this year.
As I prayed about what word I would choose I really felt like this year needed to be about


So often in my busy life I feel like I am always trying to fit God into what is going on....squeezing Him in here and oh remember to make room for God there....
Really what I want and need is for God to be first....to be the FOCUS.....and everything else gets squeezed in around him. I don't want to just see God here and there I want to look through a God like lens at everything in my life and let everything filter through Him. He is the most important.....in all things.

Lead me in thy truth and teach me:
for thou art the God of my salvation;
on thee do I wait all the day.
Psalm 25:5

I am reading a book my John Piper called don't waste your life. In it he quotes CS Lewis

I was standing today in the dark toolshed. The
sun was shining outside and through the crack at
the top of the door there came a sunbeam. From
where I stood that beam of light, with the specks
of dust floating in it, was the most striking thing in
the place. Everything else was almost pitch-black.
I was seeing the beam, not seeing things by it.
Then I moved, so that the beam fell on my
eyes. Instantly the whole previous picture
vanished. I saw no toolshed, and (above all) no
beam. Instead I saw, framed in the irregular cranny
at the top of the door, green leaves moving on the
branches of a tree outside and beyond that, 90 odd
million miles away, the sun. Looking along the
beam, and looking at the beam are very different

John Piper continues..

The sunbeams of blessing in our lives are bright in and of themselves. they also give light to the ground where we walk. But there is a higher purpose for these blessings. God means for us to do more than stand outside them and admire them for what they are. Even more, he means for us to walk into them and see the sun from which they come. If the beams are beautiful, the sun is even more beautiful. God's aim is not that we merely admire His gifts, but, even more, His glory.

I want to walk my daily life immersed in Him....living every detail of my life through Him.....just focusing on Him.....

I am also holding onto this verse this year as we purpose as a family to get more of His word into our hearts.....

"But the truly happy people are those who carefully study God's perfect law that makes people free, and they continue to study it.

They do not forget what they heard, but they obey what God's teaching says.

Those who do this will be made happy."

~James 1:25 NCV

Oh Lord that we would strive to be truly happy focusing on you!!

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