A letter from Mary to mothers

5:11 PM

To mothers everywhere....I found this posted here The Mother Letter Project
read and be blessed!

A Letter From Mary

Dear Mother,

As you celebrate this day,
when the baby savior came to be with us,
you may imagine what I must have thought
as God With Us was birthed into my arms.

Both you and I
have opened to the immensity of his light.
Just as his Spirit overwhelmed me,
so you have let his lambent wings enfold you.
He made his flame unfurl its life in you,
and as you opened,
opened to the gifts in your arms,
He made his joy uncurl inside of you.

Both you and I
have been given the gift of Love.
Just as he made me to love this Jesus baby,
he let an ecstasy of love inside of you
fan out like leaves of joy before your sons.

Dear Beautiful Mother,
You have given all to him, have let yourself
be sifted clean, while daily you have sent
your heart surrendered trilling out before Him.
Your prayers flutter and unfold
like fronds of tender foliage for your sons.
Your open palms are ornaments of God.
Our Lord is glad.

Dear Tender Mother,
Do not be afraid of being less.
The God of Immeasurably More
has birthed his gifts in you, has shone
his light on you, unfurled
his brightness in you, birthed
in you these sons as gifts for the world.

And, yes,
His light is light in you.
Your sons are heirs of light.

Dear Mother,
day after day,
as you serve your little ones,
He is swarmed in love around you.

Dear mother,
Your sons are heirs of light.

Caroline Hruska

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