A Day to Reflect

7:08 AM

While it truly is just another day....another graced to us by Him..... it is also my birthday. And as I had my quiet time this morning I looked back on my life that is almost half over.... and I can see so clearly His hand on my life.
There are certain people that stand out in my mind that were used by God. Placed in my life at certain times to direct me back to Him.

First are my parents....they planted the seed so long ago and raised me to know there is a God that cares.

Gordon...our youth group leader who helped me in my early teens to make a decision for Christ

My good friend Margaret probably does not even realize how God used her in my life.....to bring me back to a close relationship with my savior....that I had not had since my late teen years. And also to show us homeschooling...which I had never even thought about before. I met Margaret right after having my third child and we have been friends ever since. It is because of her willingness to allow God to use her that our family has enjoyed a biblical way of learning!

And another person I have learned so much from is my husband....God has used him to shape me even more into the person he wants me to become. I praise God that he has given me such a good friend to spend my life with...

And lastly my children..... every child that God has graced us with has changed and made me who I am today....I always laugh when people look at all my children and shake their heads and say you must have the patience of a saint... Ha!! If they knew me years ago they would know that God has worked that in me through my children, I have never been a patient person! God has used these children to mold me and make me into the mom he wants me to be. I grow every day through my children. As Moms we look at raising and training our children but in reality it is God using our children to mold and train us....

As I think about the next half of my life I am looking forward to growing and learning and being with the people I love most..... and letting them know every day how important they are to me.
So Brian will be home soon...(he is working nights this week) and he is taking me out for a birthday breakfast....then it's home for chores and learning and life. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday!! I am truly blessed!!

(Picture of fresh made bread this morning)

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