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7:24 AM

It was a quiet week compared to last.....well as quiet as it can be with 8 kids and 2 dogs and all that! The Christmas knitting is going strong and I am working on two new projects this week! The first is a pasha hat for my daughter Claire and the other is another in three's cardigan for Hannah Grace. The cardigan is actually for Thanksgiving....to go over her sweet dress I found the other day at the consignment shop. I am loving the hat and have also bought a few of Jane Richmond's other hat patterns, they all are amazing!

My mystery hat has been put to the side.....I got the second clue and am not really happy with my yarn choice. I need to rethink this and pick a yarn with better stitch definition. So for now I am waiting....although I love the hat band in the yarn I used....so maybe I will figure out a different hat body that is good for that yarn. It's a warm fuzzy alpaca and it would make a great hat.....

The boys and I have loaded The Adventures of Tom Sawyer onto my iphone and we are all really enjoying it.......joining Ginny for the weekly Yarn Along!

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  1. beautiful knits in the photo! Bummer about the yarn selection not thrilling you but it's good to stop now than to force knitting.

  2. Your knits are just lovely, I especially like your In Threes.
    I just ran into the same problem with my yarn and stitch definition on a pair of fingerless gloves I'm working on, but I am almost finished with the first glove and am not sure I have the heart to frog it!

  3. I love, love, love that green yarn! And what beautiful knitting! Bless you :)


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