Hello again!!

3:30 PM

Well so much for posting more regularly!!! Ha! Ha! It has been over a month since my last post so I guess I need to bring this blog up to date.
Spring is finally here in NE Pa!! We are enjoying the warmer air and the sunshine when it comes out!! And yes we are enjoying the bugs too!!
Last weekend was National Scrapbook Day and it was so much fun to participate in 2 online crops...one at Faithsisters and the other at Shakerbox...I even won a couple of prizes!! and got 9 layouts done. i am focusing on Calebs baby album...I want to get his first year finished before he turns 2....we'll see...
I just finished digi in deep over at Jessica's site.....what a great class! All of her classes are great! I learned so much!
And I have to toot my horn because I am going to be published over at Scrapbook News and Review!!! Yes a digi layout I did got chosen to be in their faith perspective column and I am so excited!!! I was also layout of the day and layout of the week over at Shakerbox a couple weeks ago! It is so neat that other people enjoy my layouts!
We have been busy planning our summer and what the children will be doing....we learn year round but at this time of the year I do some thinking about what we need to focus on and what we have accomplished. God has been so good to us as always and we have Him to thank for all we have done and will do.
My older 2 will continue to volunteer at GAIT the therapeutic riding stable. They have been there one year now and have learned so much! They both love it! Claire can not wait to be old enough to join in too!
We will do lots of kayaking here on our lake and also on the Delaware river as well....even 4 year old Christopher can handle the smaller kayak with my help!
We are also starting a garden....hopefully! Well I think that just about updates you on our adventures.....I am going to try to post once a week.....don't hold me to it!! Enjoy the pictures of my most recent layouts..there is a special one for My Mom.....enjoy!!!!

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