A Gift....the greatest gift of all!

6:54 AM

My friend Ann has written so beautifully about the greatest gift.....

These are the weeks before Christmas.

The darkest days of the year fall gently down upon us. And in the hushed quiet, in the dark of the come-early night, we sit with bated breath. We've been given a gift. One we didn’t have to make, bake, sew, buy, wrap, bag or tag. One we are simply given and softly nudged to accept.

This year, will we open our present early?

Come. Just unwrap the paper from this corner, peeling back the tape. Go ahead. Look. It’s all right—keep breathing. I know, I know … breathtaking, isn’t it?

Jewels bestowed upon the commonplace, treasures that could never be asked for, riches that wouldn’t dare be written on any wish list.

please follow this link and continue opening your gift


blessings Alisa

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