A New Schenck Tradition

10:16 AM

We have started a new tradition this year. I really wanted a real tree....we go back and forth depending on the year between putting up our fake tree and getting a real one...so this year there are no small babies ; ( ......and so I really thought a live tree would be nice.
Well we really do not have $50 to go buy a tree but Brains Dad has 80 acres of woods with millions of white pine trees....not your typical Christmas Tree but an evergreen none the less!
So off we went into the w
oods last Saturday to pick the perfect tree.

The great thing was the boys could cut as much as they wanted too....yes they cut at least 10 pine trees down (Pop-Pop will be happy because these little pine trees make it hard to hunt and keep the oak trees from thriving) So the boys could cut away until we found that perfect tree!
And here it is! We are going for that natural look......and you know what I really like it!! It is different and we are all enjoying our Special Piney Tree!! And a new tradition has been born!!
Merry Christmas!!!

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