Good Morning Girls and some more gifts!

7:59 AM

This week I stumbled upon a new site Good Morning Girls and look what book they are going to be studying! I've joined a group of women to study with and I can't wait to dig in!! I've read this book before maybe a year or so ago but I know this is the perfect time to go back and reread it!

Life has been so busy here......I've been enjoying having a newborn around again and I am really just savoring every I know how fast this time is going to fly by. One thing I love watching is the relationship and bond that has formed so quickly between all the kids and Hannah Grace. They all love her in their own special ways. She is never alone and never left to cry or get upset for very long.....there is always a sibling to scoop her up and coax her into being happy again. What a very lucky baby she is!!!!

And so these are some of the gifts I am counting this that make my Mommy heart so full!!

big hugs from big brothers

story time

new haircuts

baby surprise jacket on the needles

a beautiful rainbow to remind us of Gods promises

a mothers day portrait

hanging out

this young man is going to make an awesome Dad

more loving from Jacob


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