Small Steps together

8:14 AM

I was just over at Elizabeth Foss's blog In the Heart of my Home and I have come away again refreshed and with a renewed vision for my day. Please head over and read her blog post and be inspired!

My to do list is long......too long. For the past few weeks I have had much to do and not gotten much done. I have been striving in my own strength to accomplish all things. When did I forget where my strength comes from? How did I stray so far from the one who sustains me.
If I look back I see it happening slowly as I became busier and busier and that list got longer and longer. I was not taking the time to bring all things before my God who knows better then I what I should be spending my time doing!
I promised myself I would cherish this time with Hannah I am not sure God will bless us again. I promised myself I would enjoy each moment and remembering my word for the year......I would truly "BE" in the moment and not thinking about the next.
So as I looked at our calendar for this month and then looked around my house and all that needs to be done and I made my lists.....on my own......I was getting overwhelmed with would this all get accomplished? We are finishing up some learning projects, portfolios need to be done, company is coming and the house needs to be put in order, we are graduating our oldest from our homeschool this month and the baby just turned 3 months old and I just want to sit and play with her!!!
 How could "I" do it all?
There was only one answer......"I" can't. And then I read Elizabeth's post today.....written just to me it would seem.
And I did the only important thing.......I brought my list and my worries to the foot of the cross and laid them there. I put my burdens down, even the silly little ones......and as I prayed to the One who loves me most I felt a peace and a strength that was not there before. I was not the crazy frantic momma yelling out orders and rushing around anymore. I had a strength and peace that surpasses all understanding and I saw a light that had not been there before.
I am reminded time and time again that when I try to do things in my own strength it just does not work. It is only as I allow Him to work through me that I can accomplish anything! When my steps are directed by Him.......
So today I still have a list and things to get done but my attitude about it is different and I can be a momma that shows the grace that God has shown me to my family today.
And if you happen to peek in my window I will probably be in the rocker cradling my baby while dust bunnies float by on the floor......and I'm okay with that!!

The LORD directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
Psalm 37:23


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  1. ooo - love the post. Thank you! I, too, have a too long list and a graduation and toilet training and driver's ed - too much for me, not a blip for Him!
    Thank you for the reminder to enjoy my little ones before they, too, leave home.
    God Bless


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