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9:03 AM

This week I have a few projects to share.....the last few days I have been sitting and rocking a feverish baby, poor Hannah Grace caught something at the doctors when she went for her 4 month check up.....it seems to be just a fever so far no sign of anything else.
So as I sit and rock and nurse I am putting the finishing touches on some projects and I began another!!

Here is little Hannah Grace modeling her finished shrug that I shared at last weeks yarn along. I love how it came out and so does she from her smile! I decided to whip up these little Saartje’s bootees to match .....they are going quickly...one just needs buttons and the other is almost off the needles!! So sweet and cute and they fit perfect!!
My boys have been asking me to read this book over and over this week. It's the 127th Psalm and beautifully illustrated. It's called The Lord Builds the House by Johannah Bluedorn.
I also cast on for a sweater for my hubby!! He has been asking for a heavy sweater for hunting season and I finally felt I was getting good enough to try! I am using the neckdown pullover sweater pattern from knitting pure and simple. I have only been knitting since March and this looked like an easy sweater to start with. I love making the baby items as they go so fast.....this is going to take me some more time and I hope I can stick with it!! I am using knit picks city tweed HW in toad.....love it!!!! I also picked up some for me in blue blood....I am hoping to make the shalom cardigan soon!!
Well I am heading back to rock my baby....... you can head on over to Small Things to join the yarn along


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  1. Awww! I hope Hannah Grace feels better soon.

    I love her shrug and, yes, she does look quite pleased!

    Best of luck with your hubby's sweater. You can do it!

  2. beautiful booties and sweater! The model is so sweet :)


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