These moments........such grace!

6:33 AM

After struggling last week with my priorities it is such a gift to look back and see the gifts He has delivered straight to my heart. I who am so undeserving  and yet He blesses me  beyond my dreams!

Exploring the world anew through Hannah Grace's eyes

A fun trip to Knoebels for homeschoolers day........such fun!!!!

so happy to be able to use this baby sling again.......what a gift!!

crazy fun on the flume!!

 being able to drive at 4 years old........sheer happiness!!

 A day spent with family......even a cousin from far away!!

 finding hidden treasure among the leaves......

Spring is here and another gift is unfolding!!

He is your praise and He is your God, 
who has done these great and awesome things
for you which your eyes have seen ...Deut 10:21


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  1. Beautiful photos! God is amazing isn't He? You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing your great list!

  2. What a lovely list! And I love the moth among the leaves!! Glorious!


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