Yarn Along

12:54 PM

 Another week has come and gone and I am joining in over at Small Things for the yarn along. I've got a few projects going right now but I thought  I would share this one. You might remember this yarn from a few weeks ago as I began a sweater for Caleb my 4 year old. Well half way through I realized it was coming out too small and so ripped it out and began a different sweater found here. This is a top down sweater and so far has been a very easy knit. And the size is perfect!
I began rereading The ministry of motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I am participating in the book club over at Good Morning Girls. Sally has had weekly videos and the discussion has been encouraging!

Also on my needles is the bonnet for the BSJ. Yes, I finished my BSJ....it just needs buttons! And then I will take a picture of it and share!! The bonnet is coming out cute......I think I will add some Mary Jane booties to match as well! I am going to pick up more yarn to start another BSJ......it was a lot of fun to knit!


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  1. Another BSJ success! I'm kicking myself for not getting in on this knitalong! Have a lovely weekend!


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