Loose ends.....{yarn along}

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Well I thought I would have my shalom cardy all done as well as the ramona ruth sweater but I need just a little more yarn for both before they can be called finished........(insert sighing here!!) So until those 2 skeins get here those projects are on hold for now.....hence the title loose ends!
So meanwhile I whipped out this adorable hat for Hannah Grace over the weekend! It's from the book 60 Quick baby knits and it's using cascade 220 superwash yarn......ravelry notes here. And not to leave out her brothers I am knitting up some rib-a-roni hats for them. This is a fun quick knit.

We started reading the Jesus Creed with the kids this past week. We got the student version and all ages are enjoying it! It focuses on Matthew 22:37-40....basically we are to love God and love others and as Christians our lives should be a reflection of this basic principle. It has also been talking about not just talkin the talk......but walkin the walk! And really living this out day to day. In our big family we always have opportunities to put the "love others into practice" and it is not always easy! But practice makes perfect right!!!!

Jacob's rib-a-roni

Hannah Grace's Garter Ridge ear flap hat

Hopefully next week will find my loose ends all tied up and done in the form of new sweaters! Until then head over to Ginny's and enjoy all the wonderful projects and good reads everyone is sharing this week!!! Happy Knitting!!!

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  1. Love all the hats you made and the children are so cute modeling them :)


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