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11:32 AM

I did it!! This week I found a way to knit and read at the same time.......I've only had my iphone for a few weeks but I must say that I find  new ways for it to make my life easier every day!! I joined Titus 2 University last week and our book for the month is The Pursuit of God by Tozer. I found the free audiobook at Librovox ......downloaded to my iphone and voila I can now knit and read! So cool!! I am only on chapter 2 but such a good read.......if you are looking to go deeper with God and really pursue Him.
On to my knitting update.....still working on the body of my shalom so it's coming along! The Ramona Ruth sweater is on hold until I get another skein of yarn to finish the sleeves.....it looks beautiful but is turning out a little bigger then I had hoped ...that will teach me to check gauge next time! Oh well Hannah Grace can wear it for her next b-day!! So since I needed more yarn for that sweater and it looked a little big for this birthday.....I decided to cast on for the small things sweater in hopes that my little one would actually have a birthday sweater that would fit this year! I pulled out some spud and chloe sweater yarn in a yummy warm yellow from my stash and this sweater whipped up in 3 days!! Such a great pattern and one I know I will make again! I just need to find the right buttons.....any suggestions? 

Also joining me for today's yarn along is my son Jacob......he has taken to knitting and is right now whipping up a cowl for his Dad.......yes that is a lovely shade of bright orange wool perfect for next hunting season! I love that he wants to knit with me.....he is all about making warm wooly things to keep him warm while he hunts and he loves to knit for others like his Dad and brothers too!
Please head over to Ginny's where everyone is sharing their knitting and reading today! I'm grabbing my tea and clicking over for some inspiration!! Happy Knitting!!

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  1. I have a boy knitter too. Isn't it great to pass on the skills, and especially to boys who might think it was not "the thing" to do.

  2. I love it all. And yay for boy knitters! My six year old is learning to finger and spool knit. He's really excited to try needles next year.

  3. I need to get my son re-interested in knitting! Such a good skill to have. Love the little yellow sweater and knitting it in only 3 days is such a burst of encouragement.

  4. Love that little sweater! Love that it was such a quick knit.

  5. I would love to be able to read and knit at the same time...i'm thinking about getting a kobo or something similar, so that at least the pages stay "open".
    I have a boy knitter too;) He's just learning, but in love with it.

    He holds pride in his knitting, and doesn't think it's an odd thing for a boy because my grandpa told him about how all the sailors used to knit when he was in the navy. If naval officers were knitting, then he thinks it's definitely a manly enough activity for him too!

  6. My seven year old boy is learning too knit too! I love that your son is making something so thoughtful for his dad!! The yellow sweater is so cheerful and cute.

  7. I love listening to audiobooks and knitting too - I get through a lot of Scripture that way, actually. I have mp3s of the whole Bible on my computer, so I can just hit play and listen while my hands are busy. Sometimes I feel like I can pay even more attention listening than I can with normal reading.

  8. I am listening to my first audiobook while crocheting right now. I really like it!

    My son is a whiz at knitting on a circle loom. He has been primarily doing newborn hats for the NICU at our Children's Hospital, but a cowl would be an easy one for him to do too.


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