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Well I missed last weeks yarn along......I was still pretty much where I left off at the last yarn along so there was not anything new to show.....but this week is a different story! My skein of yarn that I needed to finish my shalom cardigan arrived and I have since finished my very first sweater for myself......yes really! I have selfishly knit myself a sweater and can I just say I love it! It fits beautifully and feels wonderful on.......I am so enjoying wearing it and now am in search of the next project for me! Any suggestions????? What are your favorite sweater knits?

Shalom cardigan ravelry notes here

Well I was not totally selfish this week as I whipped up an adorable milo for Hannah Grace for Valentines Day......this was such a fun knit! So I cast on a big boy size for Caleb......he has requested owls on his cable.

Hannah Grace's Milo vest ravelry notes here

 hmmmmm.....sorry for the abundance of baby photos I just could not help myself.....my little one turned 11 months this week and I can see time just flying by!

I have been doing more knitting then reading these days. Free time is hard to come by and I seem to grab my needles more then my book.........I need to find another good read for my iphone so I can listen and knit as well! I'm sure as I scroll through everyone's posts today I will get some  good ideas on books to check out! Happy knitting!!!

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  1. The Milo looks great on your daughter - great color!

  2. Oh your shalom turned out beautiful! I love the tweedy look and the fit is perfect! I love the milo vest on your little one :)

  3. Hooray for knitting for yourself, it looks super on you!
    I love all the baby photos, I miss having a wee one in the house.
    Happy Yarn Along!

  4. your shalom looks so pretty on you, you and the sweater are beautiful! it looks like a perfect fit and i do love 3/4 lenght sleeves. well done on your first sweater!
    and oh your baby, there could never be too many of those. she's beautiful too.

  5. photos i meant, not babies, ahaha!

  6. Both of you look lovely in those knitted treats.

  7. The Milo vest gets me everytime, it is nothing short of adorable and so is your daughter!

  8. Sweet babies need to be in lots of photos! She's adorable!
    Great job on your sweater. Enjoy every moment you wear it!
    Happy knitting and reading this week.

  9. Lovely Shalom, and your Milo is so sweet too! I have trouble reading lately too as I'm always knitting -- love Audible so I can knit & read (kind of ;) at the same time.

  10. Alisa, you are knitting some amazingly beautiful creations! And I can't believe Hannah Grace is 11 months already... no way... time flies... Ebony's amost 18 months... we have to get them together sometime!

  11. Aww, I love the Milo and she looks gorgeous in it!


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