Project Life 2012

6:54 PM

I hesitate to even start this post.....I sooooo did not keep up with my project life last year. Could be having a baby and all sorts of other things got in the way. I took loads of pictures and had good intentions but sometime in mid April I just never got back to it. And so that leads me to this year......
I have seen some amazing products out there for doing Project Life in a digi way and so I have decided to start up again as I think keeping it all digi will make it much more doable for me!

One problem I have been fighting with is time management..I only have so much time to spend on pursuits for myself and right now my passion.....yes my MAIN PASSION is knitting! Oh, don't get me wrong I am still taking loads of photos......too many probably! But when I have a spare minute I grab my needles and knit away. But I really want to document these everyday stories and remember and capture them.......

So today I made an effort to begin my digi Project Life and completed the title page! I am hoping to catch up this week with all of January so I can try to do my scrappin on Sat. or Sun. afternoon for the past week. I am going to need to schedule this in if it is going to get done......

I am happy with how this turned out.....I am using pocket page protectors to make it look like the paper version of project life.....I am hoping I can stick with it this year! The pictures are from our Christmas card shoot and the family one is from Christmas Day....the verse is one we are concentrating on this year as a family......Loving God and loving others. Now on to week one........we'll see how it goes!!!

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