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9:24 AM

Lately my blog posts have mostly been about my crafty adventures.......I also truly want it to be a way for me to capture and look back at what life is like here. Lots of bloggers do a weekly woman's day book and it seems an easy way to capture my thoughts once a here is mine.....(inspired my Elizabeth's)

~Noticing God's glory

The windows are open and the morning breeze is coming in. Everything is beginning to finally turn green and I can just make out the buds on the trees. The sun is just rising in the sky and it looks like today will be gorgeous. 

~listening to

birds chirping outside and a silent house.....everyone else is still asleep.....also the sniffly breaths of a feverish babe in my arms.....such a sad little sound  (not sure if the new tooth coming in up top is the culprit)

~clothing myself in

t-shirt and sweats......not sure if this will change today due to a sick baby....I'm thinking with 70 degree weather today I need to begin pulling the summer clothing bins out and making the clothing switch soon!

~giving thanks for

a new day, new grace, new mercy from a God that loves me no matter what! A wonderful weekend and so many blessings! Also this Tuesday will be 19 years of being one with my best friend and hubby! That is the best blessing of all!!

~books we are reading

we started a new devotional last week Who is God? And how can I know him. We are all really enjoying it, a perfect book on teaching our children about worldview and why we believe what we do.
Garrett is still walking around with his comic book and reading (love to see him reading for pleasure!) And Jacob is on book 4 of the Rangers Apprentice series.....he's just waiting for me to order the next audio book!

~pondering prayerfully

so much change is going on......praying about Claire and school choices for next year. Praying peace for this Momma's heart as my oldest steps out into the mission field this summer (Thailand...oh yes...)
Praying also for God's strength this week as Brian works long hours and will not be home a lot. Bathing each minute in prayer........yes!

~creating by hand

well, I have plans for knitting on my cardigan and cutting squares for a blanket so I can try out my new sewing machine but those are my plans.......not sure if they are God's yet.....

~learning lessons in

back to the basics......with this crazy week I'll be happy to get math, reading , phonics and some writing in......I need to keep it real and simple!

~encouraging learning

I will be handing out nature journals this girls always loved them but the boys seem to need a little more of a push to keep it up......lots of hiking and nature talk this week!

~carefully cultivating rhythm

like I said with Brian gone I am all about basics this week.......I am updating our chore lists in the hope of  being better organized.......I have younger ones that are old enough to do bigger jobs now so some training needs to be scheduled.....having a good chore rhythm is essential in our home!

~begging prayers

for my oldest daughter Emily as she looks to God for His plan for her life.......she is feeling led to missions work. And my next oldest Elaina is also graduating this year and planning to spread her wings.....

~keeping house

new bookshelves are here and now I just need to get down there and organize them all......I know I will love this when it is done! Oh and it is ant season here in the woods......ugh! It's a battle to keep them out!

~in the kitchen
our favorite new treat are these energy bites......and they are good for you!! Simple and easy meals this week with Dad not home for dinner! Maybe Chinese one night as well!!

~health and fitness

made it through the first week of the 30 day shred.....tough but I am already seeing results! I am feeling great as out to run 3 times last week for a total of 8 miles....good eating habits slipped a little over the weekend but I am back on track today....I feel so much better when I keep that sugar out of my diet! 

~loving the moments

of just being at home! After having to be gone 5 days a week with Garrett's tutoring I am just sooooo excited to be able to be home every day! I love my being with my being present and available here where I am supposed to all runs so much smoother this way! Thank you Lord!!

~Hannah Grace

this little one is just about walking......stands up and will take one step but then resorts to scooting again! She makes me smile.....makes all of us smile with her chatter these days! Mama.....Dada.....that top tooth showed itself Friday the 13th and she has not been herself since...poor thing! 

~living the liturgy

in our women's bible study we are talking about getting back to basics. Spending time at God's feet......praying and reading His word. Growing in our most important mission....our relationship with Him! I am ready and can feel a renewed hunger for more of this!

Let your unfailing love surround us Lord, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 33:22   


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  1. Yay, it's so sweet! (baby) :)
    And also bunny from last post.

    Thank you for your comment in my blog.


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