Needle and Thread......I did it!

9:20 AM

needle and thREAD

I'm joining Elizabeth again to share what I've been sewing and reading this week and can I just say that I did it! First off I finished the baby blanket I started last week. I even made my own binding for it.....that was a real learning process but I think it was good practice for me. It has a lot of flaws but I really don't think the baby cares!

And then yesterday I actually made pants that Hannah Grace can wear!! Yes I really did it! The main reason I decided to start sewing was so I could make the big but baby pants......having a baby in cloth diapers makes it hard to find pants that fit good.....they are always tight.

You guys that have been sewing a while probably think big deal......but what a great feeling to know I  "can" do this!! I also made the headband with leftover elastic and fabric. She looks so cute it in! I found that cute top at Target and the colors matched perfect! I can't wait to make another pair!

Sorry for the overload of pics but this was just so neat.....that they actually turned out.....that they actually look good on her.....I am just beyond excited!!

And so now I can see myself making some other things.......hmmmm.....another trip to the fabric store is in order I think!! Happy sewing!!

Oh and on the reading side I shared yesterday I'm going back over Educating the Wholehearted child by the Clarkson's to renew my focus for our far my favorite homeschooling book!

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  1. You did a wonderful job!! Hannah Grace is percious!

    I came by way of needle and thREAD and here is my week's offering:

  2. YAY!!!! Great job! They turned out fabulous! That feeling of 'I did it ~ I actually did it!' is so motivating, isn't it?! Every time I conquer a new skill, big or small (usually small...) I feel it :-)

    Your baby girl is just darling!

  3. Oh, but it IS a big deal. Finally learning a new skill is always a big deal. And you did a great job. I love the matching headband.

  4. You've got some great projects there, and your photographs are lovely - not too many! :)
    That baby outfit is too sweet, and I love your blanket! It's very unusual.
    Good going!

  5. Beautiful sewing! Love the pants and the head band, sooo cute!!

  6. Adorable, both the pants and your little one :) And the headband is great.

  7. Awww! Those are so cute!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. I cannot sew at all - so to me this is a BIG deal! You did a great job. She looks adorable.

  9. I absolutely LOVE the fabrics you picked for the pants.

    I always sewed the pants for my girls as well. Nothing in the stores these days fits over cloth diapers. :)


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