In the moment......

7:09 AM

~Noticing God's glory

The rain is coming down pretty heavy and it did all night.....thankful for it though as we need it so badly right now. I am sure our world is going to be so much greener when it stops.

~listening to

the sound of rain drops on the skylights.......very soothing. The house is still silent as everyone is still sleeping.......but that will end soon!

~clothing myself in

workout clothes.....and slippers...if I don't get my shred in early it is not likely to happen!

 ~giving thanks for

a hubby that works so hard for us. I did not see Brian at all last week.....he worked 13 hour days and ended up working Saturday as well....and then had to go in Saturday night and pull an all nighter. I did manage to get caught up with my Project Life album because of his many hours at work, so I am thankful for that as well!

 ~books we are reading

I need some inspiration in the area of homeschooling so I am pulling out some of my favs this week to read and get re-motivated in this area. Love the Clarkson's Educating the Wholehearted Child! I have the new edition and need to crack it open!

~pondering prayerfully

again this week Claire is on my mind as we decide what to use for 10th grade next year. I attended a meeting for a new co-op and it might be an answer to prayer....hoping God shows me very clearly the path to take here. Also praying about my use of time. I have felt very rushed these past weeks with everything we can I work my day better? I really need to pray about and follow Gods to do list not my own.......  

 Teach us to number our days,
   that we may gain a heart of wisdom.   
Psalm 90:12 

 ~creating by hand

I finished the baby blanket and I learned a lot about my machine while doing it. I even did a binding on it and while it is not perfect I really like it and it is my first project on the sewing machine. Hope to cut out her baby pants next. I am still knitting on my cardigan......but my eye has been turned toward an adorable little jumper that I might be casting on for today!

~learning lessons in

basics.....still the basics! There is going to be some serious character training going on around here I am seeing some attitudes that need to be I think some lessons on love are in order!

 ~encouraging learning

again.....I am looking for some inspiration this week to renew our love of learning. When the girls where little we did so many field trips and outings and I feel the boys have not had that experience as much. Does that matter? I am not sure but I am going to be trying to make our learning exciting again.

~carefully cultivating rhythm

I never got to the chore lists this past week so I am planning on getting that done this week. No, I must get that done this week!! Today I will be gone with Emily getting her passport so the kids will have a free day.......but starting tomorrow we will be getting back to a regular rhythm now that the baby is well and Mom has some sleep!

~begging prayers

for good health and a renewed focus here......

~keeping house

I have begun the seasonal clothing exchange.....rubbermaid bins are everywhere and piles of clothes abound! This is a huge thing in our house.....I need to make lists of what the kids still need. Garrett is growing so fast he needs everything! I am so thankful for people that bless us with hand-me-downs! I am doing an inventory of shoes as well......and looking forward to summer weather and no socks!!! Oh how I hate all those socks!!!  

~in the kitchen

Hopefully Daddy will be home for dinners this week so we will be planning some special dinners. I think it is time to get some freezer meals done again......the freezer is looking bare.

 ~health and fitness

I am so excited to say I am on day 14 of the shred and I am now doing level 2......I was really sore the first 2 days but it was a good sore! I also went on a great trail run with Elaina on Saturday. We went 4 miles.....I did it in 48 minutes....but that was with a few stops to look at gigantic bullfrogs and beautiful scenery! I can see a difference in my body and while I did not take measurements I know I am losing inches! And I am 5 lbs. lighter as well!  

 ~loving the moments

I woke up this morning thinking about right now.......all my kids are home in their beds and I know they will all be at the dinner table tonite. Then I thought ahead to this time next year and I know it is going to look very different as my older kids leave and go where God wants them. So I am going to intentionally slow down and savor and enjoy these days with all the craziness and joy that flows in this house. God has blessed me in so many ways and as much as I want to freeze time right now I know I can't. So I am going to grab these moments and lvish my kids with love and male our home a place they always look back on with joy and love! God please help me to remember this when I am in the thick of it today!!

~Hannah Grace

My little one had a rough ended up being roseola and the rash is just fading now. We had very little sleep and quite a bit of fussiness.......but that is all ending and hopefully we will see more of her smiles and little giggles this week. It was such a blessing to see her older siblings loving her  and nursing her this past week. It was great for me to have so many hands to help!

~living the liturgy

thinking on what that should look like here in our family right now. What ministries we should be involved in and what ones are too much.  We need to be redeeming the time and I want our focus to be on our family and out in the world. I am looking for that right balance.....looking for God to lead us where He would have us go.

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  1. So glad your little one is feeling better. I hope you get your needed rest this week :)


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