In the Moment

8:04 AM

~Noticing God's glory

in blessings.......He has blessed me so much more then I deserve. I live in a beautiful house in an amazing place....I am surrounded by my wonderful family.....I see His graciousness to me wherever I turn. The drizzle we are having has turned the woods out back into every shade of green...the trees are finally blooming full and the smell of spring rain is in the air. 

~listening to

My 2 oldest getting ready to leave for work.....I love that these 2 are so close.....working together and sharing life together. That will change next month when Emily leaves.......

~clothing myself in

flannel pj pants and a t's a late start this am

~giving thanks for

a husband who got on board with an impromptu hike yesterday and took us all on an adventure. He knows all these woods so well and heading off the beaten trail is what he loves best.....if I had my computer I could show you amazing photos of hilltop views and muddy boys playing in waterfalls....

 ~books we are reading

digging through the shelves for anything about spring and thinking on book lists for the upcoming weeks....

~pondering prayerfully

plans for schooling this year.......decisions need to be made

 ~creating by hand

I did get a few more rows done on my henslowe shawl........I do have plans to pull out the sewing machine and make another pair of pants for the baby.....the fabric is all ready to go....

 ~learning lessons in

piecing together some lessons on weather.....seems like a good time to get into it.....

 ~carefully cultivating rhythm

our learning rhythm seems to be good right now.......I just need to tackle the chore/house upkeep rhythm and we will be good.....I am also thinking about the time I spend on the computer.....since I have not had one all week it has freed up time, I need to find a good balance here.....

~begging prayers

for Emily as she raises support for her upcoming missions trip.....

~keeping house

this is hard right now as I would rather be outside enjoying spring.........

~in the kitchen

lots of good stuff.......homemade granola and bean brownies that were a big hit this weekend!! Baking bread today and homemade pizza on the menu this week....

 ~health and fitness

next Saturday is the 5K! Elaina and I did 4 miles on McDade trail on time was 44 minutes. I plan on dong 2 short runs this week and maybe a few exercise tapes in between. I'm down to 162 and feeling good!

 ~loving the moments

we finished up the season of Dowton Abby this weekend.......we all enjoyed it and it was fun to think about how life was back then...I don't watch a lot of TV but this was fun doing with the older kids......and so funny how much Brian liked it!

~Hannah Grace

those 2 top teeth are peeking through.....her grin is going to change very soon! She prefers to walk's more like a swagger..... kind of back and forth like! I weighed her last week and she is only 18 lbs. 1 1/2 ozs.........such a little peanut!!

~living the liturgy

our Pastor gave us  a word to think on when it comes to our Christian I committed to Christ?  Committed to I will be pondering these things this week.....I do so want my life to show my commitment to Christ first and foremost........

again with no pics this week.........I hope to have my computer up and running next week.....a new hard drive and I should be good to go......        


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