In tne moment

9:48 AM

~Noticing God's glory

everything outside is lush and green.....thanking God for a gorgeous weekend of sunny clear and blue skies.......but this morning the rain is pouring down really hard. a good day to get stuff done inside!

~listening to

Christopher in the kitchen getting his breakfast and talking to Hannah Grace as she follows him around

 ~clothing myself in

I just ran 3 miles on the treadmill......very sweaty is what I would describe my clothes right now

~giving thanks for

as I ran this morning I was thinking about grace......God has shown me such grace in my life and I am so thankful for it.....I need to let that grace flow through me to everyone around me......GRACE

~books we are reading

we are spending loads of time outside and the field guides are out and about on the tables and floor. This weekend we were focusing on trees and identifying them by there bark and leaves.....

 ~pondering prayerfully

plans for schooling this year.......decisions need to be made ........yes, still undecided here

  ~creating by hand

with lots of time being spent in the woods not as much creating is going shawl was almost done and then I messed up somehow and needed to rip back all the lace last week. I am now on my last repeat and it should be done by tomorrow? The sewing machine has been quiet as well.

~learning lessons in

trees and we are ordering our caterpillars this week! 

~carefully cultivating rhythm

this is the last week of co-op and the past 2 weeks have been all about recitals and end of year programs....I am looking forward to next week when we can find our warmer weather rhythm! Emily is also in the year end drama.......Your a good man Charlie Brown! The big event is Friday night!

~begging prayers

Emily spoke in church this past Sunday looking for prayer and financial support for her trip to Thailand. It went very well and some kind people have sponsored her already!  Please continue to pray for her trip to be fully funded and that God would go before her and behind her and be very near her at this time!

~keeping house

I managed to reorganize the school shelves this weekend and I must say with everyone spending so much more time outside the house is staying cleaner!

~in the kitchen

green smoothies for breakfast this morning......yummy!

~health and fitness

so I missed posting last week after the 5k.....Elaina ran just over a 25 m/m and came in 3rd in her age group!! I also had a personal best at just over 31 m/m!!! We had such fun!!! We got out early Sat. and did a 5 mile trail run.....we ran into deer, giant bull frogs and even saw a beaver swimming by!

~loving the moments

as we get closer to Emily leaving I am really enjoying the stolen moments when we are all here at home just hanging out and talking......such sweet times and I'm cherishing them!

~Hannah Grace

this little one is just about running now! Crawling is a thing of the past!! She signs.......more, please and thank you now......too cute! And those top teeth are really coming down! I keep saying this but it is all going by too fast!!

~living the liturgy

like I said earlier I am thinking about grace today........Lord help me to show others the same grace you show me.......daily   

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