In the Moment

6:51 AM

~Noticing God's glory

outside is hazy and humid at 6am already. The air conditioners are humming and I am thanking God for them! The sun is just rising and I can see it's going to be another hot one today!

 ~listening to

the air conditioners whirring away. I love the cool but hate the noise they bring!

 ~clothing myself in

still in my jammies.....comfy is the name of the game for today!

~giving thanks for

a wonderful weekend visit with my Mom. And also for all the support coming in for Emily, I am truly humbled and have realized my faith is so small in such things....God is providing abundantly for her and I am in awe.......but He is in control and I should not be so surprised!

~books we are reading

Practical Happiness by Bob's written to boys but we are reading it as a family at devotions and it is really good!

~pondering prayerfully

everything that needs to be done to get Emily off on her trip next week.......once I get her off then I can think about all the other things that need doing right now......

~creating by hand

I put aside the shawl that i ripped the lace out 3 times is just not a good time for me to be doing a lace pattern. I decided to grab this lovely yarn off my shelf and whip up this sweater for Hannah Grace. It's the Nellie sweater......very vintage and i love it! I'm up to the sleeves so it's almost done. When Emily leaves I will pick up my shawl again......

~learning lessons in

this week is going to be a basics week......Monday was a Holiday and Friday we are going to Hershey Park.....I also have to get Jacob's testing done this week and start thinking about porfolios.......ugh!

 ~carefully cultivating rhythm

We will be coming up with a new rhythm after Emily leaves next week......a summer rhythm with a balance of learning and activities!

~begging prayers

For the last of Emily's funding to come in and for all the last minute details of her trip .......and for this momma's heart as I send my first off on this missions trip.

 ~keeping house

ohhh.....can I skip this one today?

~in the kitchen

looking to use up things we already have as the food budget is tight this week!! Creative is the name of the game!!

~health and fitness

Christopher has been running with me this past week. And even did a 4 mile long run on Sunday! He is a great running partner....but will probably end up running with Elaina because he is already faster then me! I'm down to 158 and I have not seen that # in years!!! It feels good to have all my clothes big on me and not tight!

~loving the moments

just enjoying's all about family!

~Hannah Grace

This one is getting to be a little wild!! Screeching is now fun and so is doing all the things that Momma says no too!! Like standing on chairs and grabbing things she shouldn't.........We all like to laugh at her antics but then she just does it more!!

~living the liturgy

prayer........I need to constantly be communicating with my Father! I am trying to get a new rhythm to my time alone with Him. Lately it's been hit or miss and that is no good!!     

 "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power"
Ephesians 6:10      

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