when plans play out......

3:50 PM

EEK!! Yes I just said eek! It is finally done And that shawl I envisioned in my head with beautiful hand spun merino and silk is now finished...complete......and it came out even better then I had hoped!

I talked about my vision for this yarn here and I thought I was going to be making a 3 color sweater. But then I saw this shawl and just knew it was the perfect pattern for this yarn. It's the Ashburn shawl.

First can I say I love Three Waters Farm and their gorgeous fibers and colorways. This merino and silk was a delight to spin and I have already ordered more! They ship super fast and their customer service is excellent!

I had so much fun spinning and then knitting this project......the textures and colors were just so interesting and it kept the project flowing and going. What also kept it going and gave me extra knitting time was this little one recovering from surgery. Tonsils and adenoids had to come out and that meant lots of cuddle time on the couch....(and lot's of knitting time for momma)

So get ready for photo overload as I take you through the process......

 I wish you could see it for real! The colors really pop and I love the feel of the different textures and it is so warm and squishy. It will be the perfect wrap once fall hits and the temperatures drop. I'm a little sad I have to wait a few months to wear it.  Oh and my little one is finally feeling more like herself so it looks like my knitting and spinning time will be pared back and this momma is ok with that!

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  1. you are so talented!!!! I love it and the colors :) Sometimes I enjoy the long process that big projects take.

  2. Absolutely stunning shawl, gorgeous colours!

  3. Just beautiful!! Always a treat to see a project from start to finish, especially with such beautiful photography!
    Somehow I imagine the shawl to be imbued with the love and snuggles of the little one on the couch too. A special time.

  4. That is a gorgeous shawl! You're justified in bragging.


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