a boy and a sweater........

12:12 PM

Who knew that knitting for this boy could be so much fun....who knew how much he would not only enjoy the knit but the numerous photos mama wanted to take so she could show everyone that knit.

I love it when a project totally comes together and to top it off the person it's for is just as excited as you are  about it!!!

I jumped into this test knit for a boys sweater  Umberto by Sezza Knits. I already have a few of her patterns and have enjoyed the ones I've knit. It's a boys sweater with a nice cable detail on the front. It's also bottom up and has short row sleeves. I have never done short row sleeves but was able to easily follow the instructions in the pattern. I used Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leiceister in a DK weight. The pattern will not be released for a few more weeks but look for it as it is a fun and great looking knit!

I guess my boys are feeling left out of my knitting lately as they were fighting over who I was knitting the sweater for. There might be a few more Umberto Sweaters in my future.

Christopher is thrilled with his new sweater! After blocking it has a tiny bit of room for growth and since he is growing like a weed I am happy with that. The photo shoot was a blast and he totally worked the camera.... who knew he was model material!

So happy with the way this sweater turned out......now what to cast on  next??

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  1. Alisa! that is gorgeous and so is your son! Love the detail of the stitch design and the photography is just lovely :)

  2. Well done, it looks fabulous! Great shots. :-)

  3. What a fabulous sweater! Love how it's turned out and your son did a fantastic job modelling it. I'm so excited to knit one of these myself when the pattern is released


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