A year of Socks 2016

8:14 AM

 Lot's of knitting got done this past week. I finished my first sweater steek and if you are interested in how that went you can click here. I am knitting the button bands right now and expect to have this done today!! I am so happy with how it turned out! And to those of you thinking of steeking....I say just do it! It really is an easy process!

My January socks came off the needles on the 30th. I've decided to try for a pair a month this year. I know it is doable and I would love to fill my sock drawer and also my kids!

I put some colors on my wheel this week that are not really in my comfort zone. I dug into the stash and came out with these 2 braids from Fat Cat Knits. The blend is black alpaca and polwarth and it was a joy to spin!

The first braid is gorgeous on its own and I love these colors but the other braid is dark greens and pops of neon gold that are not my go to colors!

So far they are really looking nice together! I am about half way done but super happy that those pops of neon gold are really toned down in the plying!

In the mail this week I got my first yarn from the Highland Handmades club!! I decided to go with the sock yarn subscription and I am so happy I did! I caked it up and cast on as soon as I got it! February's socks are on the needles!!!

I've been so busy with my steeking project that no reading really happened this week. So no new book to share this week! I did read lots of articles and tutorials on steeking though!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful fibery week!! Joining Ginny today over at the Yarn Along!

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  1. Oh my goodness. Your yarn is so pretty. I really like those socks also. I have a pair knitted by my aunt that look very similar. I have never attempted knitting socks. Maybe someday.

  2. you have such lovely knitting and spinning going on, how on earth do you choose?? I love it! I am itching to start something new....very very very soon!

  3. Love that handspun yarn, so pretty. Your January socks look good and the new yarn looks great too. Looking forwad to seeing how it knits up

  4. Gorgeous socks! I'm knitting my second pair right now and I'm liking the process a lot more this time, plus the pretty yarn helps! :)

  5. Wow, beautiful shades for handspun! :) x


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