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We have had some colder weather this past week and snow showers off and on for a few days now. I am enjoying knitting and spinning by my woodstove and we are settling into our February.

I have been doing some reflecting this week as it marks the one year point since my last chemo treatment. Tomorrow the 11th also marks the 50 years I have lived on this earth. Now I normally do not worry about my Birthdays...they come and go. But for some reason this big "50" one has got me thinking. I'm sure the fact that I just fought a very aggressive cancer and am not that far on the other side of it all has a lot to do with it. But this Birthday has me thinking about how I want the next half of my life to look....but then I have to laugh! Because if cancer taught me one thing it is that I am not in control! No ......I thank God every day that He is the one in control of this crazy wild ride. And that He does have a plan even if I can not see it or even want to agree with it. So I think my focus on this next half will be just trying to allow God's plan to unfold around me and through me and try to keep my control issues out of the way. (I am going to need some prayer on that one.......but I can try!)

I do have some knitting and spinning to share! My socks that I cast on last week are coming along! In fact this photo is from a few days ago and since then I have turned the heels and am working my way up the legs. This colorway has been such fun to knit up! The pattern is the Bluberry Waffle socks.

 I also cast on for a new shawl! I was on Ravelry just browsing the patterns you do......and this popped out at me. It's called Waiting For Rain. I went stash diving and came up with these 2 skeins from Jill Draper that I picked up at Maryland Sheep last year. I cast on right away but am not very far. I am doing the garter stitch body in the cinnamon color and the short row lace sections in the golden. This yarn is simply devine to knit with!

 We had our monthly guild meeting this past Friday and a member did a great class on fractal spinning. I have done a few fractal spins and they always make such interesting yarns. I decided to join in with this gorgeous braid of Falkland from Three Waters farm.  I am planning on doing a blog post about it later in the week when I finish it up.

I am looking forward to grabbing a cup of tea later today and sitting and seeing what everyone else is up to this week over at the Yarn Along. Happy knitting!!

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  2. I love your socks - great colors! And speaking of great colors, I love your spinning. How do you like those Akerworks bobbins? I find them great for traveling. I'm looking at the bit 50 in a couple of months too. It really does make you reflect. Have a very Happy Birthday!

  3. I am wishing you fast recovery and strong health! I love your knitting and spinning projects. Yarn looks so inspiring!

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Waiting for the Rain is in my Ravelry queue, love the yarn you have chosen!

  5. Knitting and spinning by the wood stove does sound really lovely!

  6. I am sitting here looking at my idle spinning wheel and reading your post makes me itch somewhat to get to spinning again. Your spun yarn is lovely.
    Don't you just love the names of shawls...

  7. you are in my daily morning prayers for health (forever!). Happy birthday and I hope you celebrate big and that there is lots of fiber involved :)

  8. Just bought the shawl pattern, thanks for showing me! It's gorgeous!

  9. Love your socks, the yarn is so pretty with that pattern. Your handspun is beautiful too :)

    Happy belated birthday


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