Uncharted waters and new discoveries

7:41 AM

I have posted before about my Putney Mountain Vest. I decided to knit this vest last spring because I really wanted to try steeking. I picked up the most lovely Corriedale wool at Maryland Sheep and Wool just for this sweater. It's from Solitude Wool and it is a rustic yarn with a wonderful feel to it.

Well it sat in my stash until I heard about the ShakletonCAL. This is a craft along in the Fibertrek TV group. You can read more about it there if you are interested but the idea is to embark on an epic journey and create something. My vest came to my mind right away. It was just the thing I needed to push me out into the deep water.

So I cast on and got knitting. This past weekend brought me to the steeking part. I went online and read tutorials and watched some videos and decided to go with a crochet steek. I really followed this one from TinCan Knits.

I must say it was easier then I imagined and in just a short time I had the rows secured and was ready to cut.

And then I did it......just cut through my knitting and you know what.........nothing bad happened. It worked just like everyone that has steeked before said it would. And now I am at the point where I can pick up stitiches for the button bands and get to finishing this "epic" knit.

I have really enjoyed the colorwork and there will be more steeking in my future. And now I can cross that off my list of things to learn!

Hopefully I will have a finished vest to show you by the end of the week!

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  1. It is gorgeous and I love the color work!! I did some hats over the break and enjoyed playing with color combos. Your daughter is such a cutie!!


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