Knitting with Handspun

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Most of my time this week has been focused on a test knit for designer Susan Ashcroft aka stitchnerd on Ravelry. The pattern is Little Big Wrap and is set to be released in April. Not only has it been a delightful and relaxing knit but also a stash buster as I am using early handspun from my over flowing shelf of handspun skeins.

  Early handspun really means it was early on or actually with these skeins, in the first year of my spinning "career". Not sure career is the right it's not .......but at the moment I can't think of another one.  So if you look at these early skeins and the skeins I am making now there is a big difference. Earlier skeins are not very consistent and tend to be a bit lumpy in spots. I am still proud of my earlier handspun. We all must start and learn and progress. And with spinning it is all about the practice. So when I look at these skeins I see how far I have come. All that to say these "early" skeins can still look amazing in a knitted project. I am finding that the knitting or weaving can make your handspun shine. And isn't that why we spin anyway. At least for me......I spin so I can create beautiful things and this pattern is really making my heart sing. It is designed to show off a beautiful skein of yarn, hand spun or commercial. I am excited to get this finished today and blocked. We might just have a few more colder days that I can actually get to use it!

I also finished my latest spin. I ended up with almost 900 yards of this lovely and soft fingering weight. I shared the fiber and the process in last weeks Yarn Along and here are a few finished photos.

I finally cast on for my March socks! Let's see if I can finish them before the end of the month! I'm just doing the Hermiones pattern on my toe up 2 at a time.

Mr. Happy Jackals

We are busy this week in the Rabbitry! I will be doing a post on how we harvest fiber from our angoras later this week. So if you are interested come back and check it out. I also did a post on the sheep shearing we went to last week and you can find that here.

So many of you are reading Knitlandia so I had to pick it up and start. I am really enjoying it!! Joining the Yarn Along over at Small Things today. Happy knitting everyone!

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  1. beautiful shawl knitting and I think career is the correct word :) journey? anyways, the shawl is pretty and your spinning is gorgeous!!

  2. Gorgeous spinning! It looks like you did a little Fractal spinning, yes? I just tried my first time at Fractal and it is fun and exciting to see it ply up. Your colours are amazing!!!! I still get lumpies when spinning,though I've been at it for more years than I can count on one hand...I just don't get to spinning as much as I'd like ~ perhaps the season of my life as a mama?! Enjoy your day, love your posts and look forward to more about rabbits!
    xo Jules

  3. I totally love that shawl Alisa, and I can't imagine it in anything other than handspun now <3. I think that will be going in my pattern queue. I'm going to have to "up" my spinning activities so I've plenty of yarn to choose from!

  4. Wow both projects are awesome! The pattern for the shawl looks like a good match for o your hand spun too.


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