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Some days there is more time for sitting and crafting then others but really I do sit and knit and spin almost every day. Because on the days when I don't.......well those are not good days. Not like I become mean and nasty but that I am aware that something is missing. Something which makes me sit and be in the moment and become aware and create. I am a person that needs that .......every day. With 7 kids living at home and 5 of them being home schooled our days are full and busy. Making that time to jut sit and create is so good for my mind and my spirit. I know most of you will totally understand and relate!

I was spinning last night and looked up over my bobbin and spied my youngest daughter sitting at the loom weaving on her scarf. I wish I had my camera right there to snap a shot of that but I have it in my memory and that is good enough. My kids need this time too and that is what I truly love about our fiber arts. The whole family can join in and participate. We have seasons were everyone is knitting......lately there has been a lot of needle felting and weaving. And spinning is being learned as well.I find my boys especially love to work with their hands and they might not sit still with a book for long but put them at the loom and they are absorbed for an hour or more.

I believe we are created in God's image. Our God is the most awesome creator of all and so of course we have a need in us to create as well. So making time for that creating is important and I am realizing that more and more!

I have been caught up in spinning this week. We are having an Unexpected Combo Spin a long in the Three Waters Farm group on Ravelry. The color combinations have been amazing and I had to jump in! I decided to use a braid of super fine merino in the Sunbleached Colorway and Light in the trees on organic polwarth. I'm spinning up a bobbin of each and will ply them together.

Sun Bleached Bobbin
Light in the Trees Bobbin

 The spin is going along quickly and I will be plying these together over the next couple of days! I'm very excited to see the resulting yarn!

I am also working on a test knit using hand spun. It is a crescent shaped shawl. I always love knitting with my hand spun and this pattern is so much fun. I will let you know when the pattern is released.

Yesterday my son and I attended shearing day at a local farm. I will be doing a blog post all about in a day or two. If you are interested come back to hear all about our adventures! This is one of the cormo cross sheep we had the pleasure of meeting!

 I picked up Knitlandia this week as everyone else has been talking about it! I'm hoping to start reading it today! I'm joining Ginny over at Small things for the Yarn Along. Happy knitting everyone!!

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  1. I do know what you mean about needing your craft time every day. I went on a trip for a couple of days and didn't have time to knit and it felt... weird. I almost physically feel the urge of working on something and holding fiber in my hands... Your spinning is so beautiful and I would really love to read about your day at the local farm!

  2. I feel very crabby if I do not knit every day, it calms me and soothes me and it's quite meditative :) can't wait to see your post about the sheep, I watched it all live on instagram :)

  3. I can't wait to see your yarn plyed. The colors are amazing. Oooh - cormo! I have a pound of that I am saving to wash and spin this summer. It's so light and bouncy. I'm anxious to hear all about sheep shearing day.

  4. Wow, your homespun is beautiful. I would love to get to my spinning every day, but sadly, with my children still young and homeschooled, plus all the chores of a small farm, it sits idle more than I would like. I hope it is okay, but I added you to a pinterest page that I began with the focus on all things related to wool. I have a board on bloggers who spin or work with wool. If you'd like me to not include you, please let me know and I'm happy to take it down. Thanks so much,
    xo Jules
    P.S. That test shawl is beautiful, too. Your spinning is so well done!

    1. Oh whoops, I forgot to mention the page is under woolmaiden.

  5. I love the colors of your yarn-in-progress. It looks so pretty!

  6. I completely agree - but need to do better. Your shawl is beautiful.


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