Reverb 10 Prompt 6

1:56 PM

What was the last thing you made, what materials did you use? Well, I have been very busy this season making many things.....lot's of homemade gifts going out this Christmas Season. I love hand crafting but finding the time to get to it is another thing......

Here is a pic of my latest project.....this one is for the new baby! I am finding myself really enjoying crocheting right now....thanks to Emily my oldest who crochets like crazy! So I just finished this adorable little pink hat! Now Christopher is asking for a hat, hmmmmm sounds like a new project to me!


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  1. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog. Thought you would like to know about this meme:
    I wish I had such talent so I could post along.
    Congratulations on your mid-March baby!


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