Reverb 10 Prompt 8

7:49 AM

Think about what makes you different.........what makes you beautiful?
this is a hard prompt......I'm not sure I like writing about about what I think of myself.....what makes me different...
I know as a Christian I am supposed to stand apart and look very different then the rest of the world....but do I? Yes, we have a large family, we homeschool, we are very involved in our church. But what about the inside of me the stuff that makes up what I think and how I act and react to those around I different there? Am I being Jesus to a world in need? Or am I just doing my thing and going along? I like to think that I try to be more like Jesus....that I am in different in that way but the truth is I don't always succeed. SO I am thankful, so thankful for His grace and forgiveness that covers my short comings and forgives me.
I am different......I am following my savior and growing more like Him every day and it might look messy and strange to this world but to Him I am truly beautiful........and really that is all that matters to me!!


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