The Ten Commandments

5:07 PM

Months ago we started memorizing the ten commandments....and we still are not finished...
I just found this and now we just about have it done in only a few hours....

You shall have no gods but me;
Before no idol bend your knee.
Take not the name of God in vain;
Dare not the Sabbath day profane.
Give both your parents honor due;
Take heed that you no murder do.
Abstain from words and deeds unclean;
Steal not, though you be poor and mean.
Tell not a willful lie, nor love it,
What is your neighbor's do not covet.

We also started reading this great book called Jack's Insects by Edmund Selous.....just let me say my voice is hoarse and the boys would not let me stop reading...these 2 children actually fall into a book that is all about can find this book on the Simply Charlotte Mason site..
Check out all the books they carry we have quite a few and love all of them!!

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