In the Moment

9:00 AM

~Noticing God's glory

the sun is shining so brightly this morning......lots of birds at the feeder! Plans of an afternoon hike are going through my head.....

~listening to

the sound of Hannah Grace sniffling as she nurses.....2 days of being well and now here we are with a runny nose again, allergies maybe?

~clothing myself in

workout clothes that are a little sweaty.....that's good right?

~giving thanks for

a very full weekend! that ended with a nice date to Apple Valley and then to Lowes, so romantic! Then home for ice cream and a movie with the kids. So thankful for family time when we are all together.

 ~books we are reading

Pulling out our books about birds this week. A new one we loved is The Boy who Drew Birds......about John James Audobon. Lovely illustrations, it's a new favorite.  

~pondering prayerfully

Praying over my children today.....Lord keep them close to you, guide them and lead them. also lifting up our school plans, may our home glorify You always.....

 ~creating by hand

I picked up some new fabrics.......finished Hannah Grace's summer tee and cast on for my Henslowe shawl. I hope to cut out some more pants this week and possibly a dress?

~learning lessons in

following the theme from last week.....we are still trying to love each other well. This is something I think we will be learning all our lives......    

~encouraging learning's all about birds this week!

~carefully cultivating rhythm

this is the first week in a while that we will be home most days (except for Thursday which is co-op) so I am looking forward to falling into our daily rhythm and having time to really learn together.

~begging prayers

again for good health......

~keeping house

just as I began getting out summer clothing bins the weather turned cold now we have both seasons out and that is messy! Hopefully some yard work will get done this week.

~in the kitchen

whipping up some pancakes for breakfast and baked ziti with homemade Italian bread for dinner. Being home means more time to spend in the kitchen!

~health and fitness

well I got to day 19 of the shred and my computer crashed ......since my videos were on my computer I could not do that workout anymore......I pulled some other dvd workouts off the shelf and have continued on with those......I like the variety better I think. I also did a 3.10 run on Sunday in 33 minutes....a best for me!

 ~loving the moments

with my littler ones this week......especially Caleb who can be so animated and funny. He never stops moving! He is growing up way to fast as he tries to keep up with his older brothers, but then I see him nodding off on the couch...thumb in mouth.....after a hard day of playing and I remember he is only 5.

~Hannah Grace
14 months old now and this past Friday she took off walking! All weekend long we watched as she got steadier and steadier and decided most times that walking was faster then crawling........she also loved the
attention it brought her as we all cheered her on!!

~living the liturgy

we started doing devotions right after the table before we even clean up.....we have done this before and it is working great. We just finished James and we will now be going into John.......good discussions!! 

no pictures to share this week as I am on the kids computer because mine won't boot.......that is a head ache I don't even want to think about right now......... 


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