Letting go.......

4:23 PM

December went by fast and furious.....I fell behind in doing the reverb prompts......my December Daily photo album did not make it past day 4 and I could of felt really overwhelmed with all of it but instead I decided to let it go......all of it. And I have to say that felt pretty good! Oh, I still took a lot of photos and I will make a small 2010 album out of them but I might not do it until who knows when!
I am happy with how the Holidays went and we spent a lot of family time just being together.....celebrating advent and making cookies and candy. There was an under lying quietness to this Christmas that reflected how much my Dad was missed........but all I had to do was remember that he got to celebrate at Jesus' table this year and that is such an amazing thing!!!! Praise God for His mercy and grace!!
I am now thinking towards the new year.......praying about Gods direction for me......my next post will be all about the word He is revealing to me for the upcoming year......
I am excited about this new year and all God has in store for us.......I am always amazed at how He shows Himself to me as the year goes on! So bring on 2011 and let Gods plan be revealed!


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