Reverb 10 Prompt 4

7:37 AM

How did I cultivate a sense of wonder in my life this year.........
Well I truly do not believe it was me that created wonder in my life......only God could do that! And He did it consistently through out the whole year!
I might not have felt the wonder while in the midst of the things He brought me through but I can see it so very clearly looking back  now......
I look back in wonder at how He held me during my Dads illness and death......His peace covered me and still does
I am still struck in amazement at His blessing upon me of another child to raise for Him......this is the most wonderful thing of all....every time I feel this baby kick and move I raise my eyes to him and give thanks for the wonder of this new life!!
I also look back in wonder at my children and how they have grown both spiritually and physically. I love seeing the work of God in their is truly wonderful to me!!
Those are just a few of the ways He has brought wonder into my life this past year......I could list many more!


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