31 Days of HIS gifts.....days 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

12:44 PM

I have failed......has it really been almost a week since I posted pictures? I have been taking them.....we have so many gifts to share but the reality is life is busy and I just can't seem to get them posted every day. I am trying.....really.....

baskets of babies and puppies....what could be better!
running errands around town

the gift of exercise and enjoying the outdoors

an amazing find while thrifting.....the perfect bike seat for Hannah Grace

a breakfast treat......warm cranberry scones

beautiful fall days for doing what they love best

this wonderful place we live with miles of trails for exploring

oh that smile!! Such a gift!!

another 5K race run and a third place medal!

buttery warm banana bread....a gift for the stomach!

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  1. living life is so much more important than blogging. One day they will grow up and you will have a bit more time :) (because now I do!)

  2. Oh don't feel bad about not posting every day! You are capturing the moments you are thankful for - you can always catch your blog up later. I often put a post up and back date it. I'd never be able to keep up with a daily update.
    Such sweet memories you've captured, and those scones look delicious!


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