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 The weather has been just perfect for knitting! And it is getting to be just cool enough to begin wearing those knits as well!! I love fall...the colors.....the temperature and just the return to spending some time in the house....preferably knitting of course!

Here is a the picture I promised of Emily's birthday cowl.....love the color and I loved this yarn as well....so soft! Ravelry notes here.

 I am just loving making little jumpers for Hannah Grace to wear....this one is actually supposed to be a vest but I just increased a little and lengthened so it could be worn as a jumper! Then I attempted to embroider a little lamb onto it.....I'm pretty happy with the way he came out and Hannah grace squeals when she sees him and loves to pet his nubby wool! Ravelry notes here

And then I started a new project.......I fell in love with this sweater...it's the Sibella Babe pullover and it's done in quince and co. chickadee. I have been wanting to order some quince and co. and so I decided to make Hannah Grace another little sweater. Now I stopped for a moment and asked myself.....can a baby have too many sweaters? Of course that thought fleeted right out of my head and I continued to order the yarn....the pattern and get started! Ravelry notes here

I know I am supposed to share my reading in these posts as well......but I really had no time this week, because when there was time I was knitting! It's a good excuse I think and so hopefully next week I will share some new reading!

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for the weekly Yarn Along....Happy Knitting!

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  1. The cowl is really very pretty and I just love the jumper, especially with the added special touch of the sheep.
    I wish is were cooler here and felt more like fall, but I am still knitting away.

  2. Love the quince yarn and the color! Your sheep is perfect and I love where you placed it on the dress. and no, there can never ever be too many sweaters for a little one :)

  3. The little sheep is so cute love the sweater pattern too and that pumpkin orange perfect for this time of year.

    The season has definitely changed here too, colder and shorter days but amazing blue and pink skies.

    Happy knitting.

  4. Beautiful beautiful makes! I love them all. :) And nooo, baby cannot have too many jumpers. :D

  5. I seriously love the jumpers you make for your daughter. The one with the sheep is just too cute!

  6. i love this little jumper! it's adorable and the lamb is just so sweet!

  7. Oh my goodness - if that jumper isn't the sweetest thing I've ever seen... The cowl is lovely, too - I love the color. xo

  8. Beautiful projects! That little sheep is too cute!

  9. Oh my goodness -- that little sheep is to die for! And I love the cowl pattern. Simply gorgeous, and so evenly and prettily knit, too. Glad I stopped by from the Yarn Along!

  10. Oh what gorgeous projects! I am always on the hunt for a good cowl pattern, I can't wait to try that one! And those baby knits have me wishing for a girl "next time"! I'll have to check out your ravelry page for sure. :)

  11. The little sweater with the lamb is just too adorable!! Love it!


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